Biosymtec™ is a technology capable of

       Detecting respiratory and non-respiratory infections up to four days 

before signs of illness such as a fever and,

       Alerting caretakers and medical personnel immediately, resulting in rapid medical responses, which assures better outcomes.

The Biosymtec Monitor

Biosymtec™ technology is based on the discovery that certain sublingual and pulmonary data, acquired from an individual upon waking, and correlated with an algorithm, can determine the onset of an illness days before symptoms or signs such as fever. The Biosymtec Monitor is used, therefore, immediately upon waking when basal biometric data is available.

Pre-Clinical Trial Research Studies

Using discrete devices to acquire just two of the identified pre-symptomatic signs, i.e., basal metabolic temperature (BMT) and peak flow readings, three Research Studies were conducted.  The data from these studies, plus the data from over 400 women who used the Biosymtec System to record their reproductive cycles, produced over 23,000 data points from which the Algorithm was developed.

Hong Kong Research Study Staff

118 patients participated

Tianjin Haihe Hospital Staff

50 healthcare workers participated

PA Timberline community

50 volunteers participated

“An elevation in BMT is a near-universal and early signature of infection.  It is a precursor to symptoms, thus leading infection symptoms and speeding intervention.” The Cleveland Clinic


“Peak flow meter readings (PEF) fall before symptoms are otherwise noticed (providing early detection).” The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

Early Detection, allows for Rapid Response, producing Better Outcomes

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