The Biosymtec Monitor

Originally conceived to be the key medical device in the Biosymtec Initiative, a program for governments needing to monitor for bioterrorist attacks and immerging infectious disease pandemics. The Biosymtec Monitor had to be fast, convenient and useable by medical personnel speaking any language.

The Biosymtec Monitor was later developed into a platform to monitor for a variety of pre-symptomatic signs including but not limited to: BMT, PEF, FEV1, FVC, HR and EKG.

"The key to preventing or mitigating an infectious disease epidemic is early detection, rapid response."

Dr. Lawrence C. Brilliant, Epidemiologist

The Biosymtec Monitor's dual sensing probes are placed comfortably under the tongue, straddling the frenulum with the lips covering the mouthpiece.

Touching the button instantly acquires basal metabolic temperature (BMT) and other oral biometric data.

Blowing through the Biosymtec Monitor 

acquires basal pulmonary data.

If the patient received the reading on the left, she can be assured there is no infection developing.   A consistent blue bar reading suggests low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).

If the patient received the reading on the right, it is highly likely a respiratory infection is developing.   Even though she may have no symptoms, the patient should immediately seek a medical diagnosis.

The Biosymtec Monitor also generates a 50-day graph of the patient's data on the user's smartphone.
The Biosymtec App automatically transfers the data to the Biosymtec System.

Through Bluetooth technology, data goes from the user's Biosymtec Monitor...

To the user's smartphone...

...and up to their subscribing physician's computer or tablet.

From the patient to their physician in less than 120 seconds.

Early Detection, allows for Rapid Response, producing Better Outcomes

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